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Weasel 17 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Weasel 17 Gaming Group, from Lexington, KY

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Have you see me? [Aug. 19th, 2007|09:50 pm]
Weasel 17 Gaming Group, from Lexington, KY

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It has recently come to my attention that a couple of my books are missing from my collection. I have reason to suspect that someone else has them. I even have a particular suspect (*cough* Barbara), but, alas, I do not have that suspect's email, and am thus forced to shame them publicly. The books in question are as follows:
The Hob's Bargain by Patricia Briggs
Steal the Dragon by Patricia Briggs

I am certain these have merely wormed their way onto the wrong shelf at your residence (they're slippery like that), but they are two of my favorite books and I would very much like to have them back, particularly the latter, as it is out of print and somewhat difficult to find.
Should it happen that these two books have found a clever hiding spot in my own domicile a public apology will be made. (But in the meantime can you look for them? I'd really like to read them again!)
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Schedule!Update 6/21/2007 [Jun. 21st, 2007|04:38 pm]
Weasel 17 Gaming Group, from Lexington, KY

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Sorry this is late, most of you already knew tonight's plans though...
Thursday 6/21/20076:30pm Jay and Linda's Apartment
Movie Night
"Ghost Rider" [Extended Edition] and/or "Crouch End".  The later is the best movie interpretation of how the Arkham Horror game works -- not just Cthulhu Mythos and all that, I mean Arkham Horror specifically!

Saturday 6/23/2007 12noon Rusty Scabbard
Free RPG Day
Details here:

Saturday 6/23/2007 4:00pm A+ Comics and Collectibles
Open Board Gaming
"The King In Yellow"
We'll be running this
Arkham Horror expansion in Tourning Mode, with the full optional Herald scenario, and the core game only this time.  Be there for our first crack at this new expansion!
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For Ryan [Jun. 6th, 2007|11:41 am]
Weasel 17 Gaming Group, from Lexington, KY


Don't forget to update your links. 

My blog:

Linda's blog:

Scott's blog:

Kevin's blog:

Audie's blog:

Barbara's blog:

Chad's blog:
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Conference rooom is go! (details for Saturday's game) [May. 30th, 2007|03:34 pm]
Weasel 17 Gaming Group, from Lexington, KY

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Movies and the usual at the Apartment tomorrow night, and the monthly game is Saturday... with a small change.  I checked with the person in charge of the conference room in my department and they said I could use it on Saturday and that the building will be open, etc.. 

So, we are going to meet there at 2pm on Saturday.  Anticipating people getting lost, or the need to unlock anything, please meet me in the Starbucks at the Clinic just before 2pm on Saturday.  If you need a ride over, or have fears of parking issues, you can ride over with me if you make arrangements ahead of time.
Then, once everyone is present and accounted for, I'll take the group up to the conference room.

House rules:
1)  Although the building is open, my department will be locked, so any arriving late MUST call my cell phone so I can come out and get the door for you.
2) Bring money for food.  There are a variety of cafes, cafeterias, vending machines, etc, and there are good restaurants nearby.  Gaming is powered by snacks, as you well know.  Plus, we'll be doing dinner out.  I'm guessing that certain Mexican restaurant that will be just across the bridge from where we are.
3) We'll need to bring our games with us.  I say this because I need to know ahead of time if there's something one of us owns that you will want to play.  Tell us now, so we can bring it when the time comes.
4) Help clean up when we leave.  You all have always been good about that, but since this is my workplace, I think I'm justified in the reminder.  :)

I initially planned on this to get away from certain keeping-games-in-good-shape issues that have presented themselves at the apartment, but looking at it a different way, this presents us with many more opportunities.  Using my department's conference room will give us:
1) Change of scenery.
2) More space to spread out in.  Face it, we've been cramped playing at the Apartment lately.  There's a BIG table just begging for gaming.  And more space if necessary.
3) Easy access to food, bathrooms, etc.  Two words: "Starbucks downstairs."
4) Probably easier to find for those who haven't played with us often.
5) Did I mention the big table?
6) As this is a separate location, there isn't as much to distract us, and we can get down to "business".

So, again: Meet at the Starbucks in the Clinic on this Saturday afternoon at 2pm.  Bring games.  Bring friends.

I hope this works for everyone.  Email me or comment here if you have questions or need more info, and please pass on to the relevant invitees as well.
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Schedule!Update [May. 16th, 2007|10:09 am]
Weasel 17 Gaming Group, from Lexington, KY

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Thursday 5/17/2007 6:30pm Jay & Linda's Apartment
Movie Night

Saturday 5/19/2007 4:00pm A+ Comics and Collectibles
Open Board Gaming

Movies we currently have from NetFlix (most likely to be shown on Thursday or after Saturday gaming):
Smokin' Aces
Mst3k: The Wild World of Batwoman

Next monthly game will be on 6/2/2007.  Details TBA.
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Thursday Night Tournament and Midnight Sale [May. 1st, 2007|01:47 pm]
Weasel 17 Gaming Group, from Lexington, KY

Just got an email from A+ about a special Thursday Night Tournament for Magic (they are normally on Fridays and Saturdays) followed by a midnight sale for Future Sight.  The buy-in on the tourney is $10.  Just thought I'd throw it out there as an option, as it would be easier for me to attend than the Friday one (since we'd planned to see Spiderman 3 on Firday night).  Anyone interested in getting in on this with me?  It starts at 6:30pm.  Since this is our usual time for our TV Night, I was thinking maybe we could just go do this?  What do you think?
There's info here:
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Schedule!Update [May. 1st, 2007|11:10 am]
Weasel 17 Gaming Group, from Lexington, KY

Thursday 5/3/2007 6:30pm Jay and Linda's Apartment
TV Night

Friday 5/4/2007 5:30pm A+ Comics
Friday Night Magic
Future Sight launch

Friday 5/4/2007 a later showing, not sure of time and theater yet
Movie Night Out
Spiderman 3

Saturday 5/5/2007 2:00pm Jay and Linda's Apartment
Monthly All Day Game
Afternon games TBA, followed by everyone getting dinner (pick up, bring back for TV during - Chad is bringing "Tales of the Gold Monkey"), then expect Arkham Horror in the evening after dinner.
Please use the comments to discuss what game(s) I need to prepare for the early gaming (please consult my boardgamegeek.com list for  games I own that I can get ready, or post a list of games you'd be willing to bring), as well as what combination of Arkham material you want to play.
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Weasel!Schedule [Apr. 24th, 2007|09:41 am]
Weasel 17 Gaming Group, from Lexington, KY

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Sorry the schedules get posted infrequently.  At least everyone appears to default to a generic Movie Night Thursday / Game Night Saturday schedule, unless I say anything different, so we've been ok there.  This week isn't much different.
Also note: A+ is going to be altering their hours on Saturdays soon, so we may need to alter ours.  They are going to start closing at 7pm, but we may have the option of starting a bit earlier.  More on that later. 
For now...

Wednesday 4/25/2007 5:30pm Various Locations
Big "Monthly" Shopping Trip
(at least this is when my delayed check is supposed to be in)
Likely stops: A+ Comics, Rusty Scabbard, Toys'R'Us, Target

Thursday 4/26/2007 6:30pm Jay and Linda's Apartment
Movie and TV Night of DOOM!

Saturday 4/28/2007 4:00pm A+ Comics and Collectibles
Open Board Gaming

Monday 4/30/2007 9:00pm Jay and Linda's Apartment
TV Night - new Heroes episode

For the next schedule, please offer some input about whether you'd be interested in a group trip to the movies for Spiderman 3 (I'm guessing not), and whether we can set the next Monthly All-Day Game for 2:00pm on May 5th?
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late [Mar. 30th, 2007|12:38 pm]
Weasel 17 Gaming Group, from Lexington, KY

I *may* be a little late on Saturday, but I'll be there.  The cable people are coming between 2:00-5:00pm to fix my receiver.  I expect they'll be done before I miss too much of the game.  I'll head over to A+ after they are done.  If for some reason I don't make it (and would thus be VERY angry), everyone is certainly welcome to the Apartment for more gaming afterwards.
I'll be at A+ as soon as I can.
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Weasel!Schedule [Mar. 27th, 2007|04:29 pm]
Weasel 17 Gaming Group, from Lexington, KY


Thursday 3/29/2007 6:30pm Jay and Linda's Apartment
Movie Night

Saturday 3/31/2007 4:00pm A+ Comics and Collectibles
Open Board Gaming
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